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We are Lime Tree, an alternative-indie band from North Dublin, known for our vibrant stage presence and infectious melodies. Since our formation in mid-2021, we've sold out headline shows at iconic Dublin venues like The Workman's Club, The Grand Social, Whelan's, and Sin é. Recently named 'Ones to Watch for 2024' at Whelan's, we solidify our reputation as one of the most electrifying live acts in the city's music scene, captivating audiences across diverse and legendary stages.


The dynamic collaboration of Dublin song-writers Jake Murray, Jamie Dalton, and Jamie O’Rourke, emerged onto the scene in 2021. Our debut track, 'Too Late,' swiftly garnered acclaim, amassing over 3,000 streams within weeks. Hot Press praised the infectious allure of our 'jangly guitars and funky basslines.' The magnetic pull of our music reached new heights with 'Seasons,' now soaring past 14,000 streams. Beyond the digital realm, 'Seasons' has become a live experience, transforming venues into lively spaces where the audience, swept up in our melodies, enjoys spontaneous bouts of dance and collective vocal expression.


Our eagerly awaited EP, 'Sunlight,' was released on January 26th, 2024, marking a defining chapter in Lime Tree's sonic evolution. The infusion of soulful saxophone melodies and poignant lyrics propels our artistry to new heights, promising a unique and heartfelt experience for every listener. Recognized as fan favorites, tracks like 'Someone Else' and 'Sunlight' have already left an indelible mark on Dublin audiences, solidifying Lime Tree as a must-see live act. Our captivating performances extend beyond the stage, creating an atmosphere of connection between us and our ever-growing fanbase. Lime Tree guarantees an unforgettable live experience and pledges a continuous stream of compelling music for future events.



"What makes Lime Tree special is how we make people feel. Our gigs are an escape not only for us as artists but for the people who come to the shows. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Music should be inclusive, our music makes people dance, shout and jump and we aim to create the most fun live show we possibly can..Our gigs are are where the magic happens come join us"
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